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Facet Data + Zencore | Customer Story: A partnership of key importance

Zencore engaged with Facet Data to review their existing cloud architecture. We made recommendations for the best Google Cloud Platform design for a new front end service and advised on the longer term plan for a full migration.

Project Challenges

Facet Data had a significant number of customers running on a competitors cloud and a short timeline to develop a new architecture that will allow them to penetrate additional markets. With the help of Zencore, it was determined that Google Cloud Platform was the best fit for the applications front end and a plan was created to migrate to Google Cloud.

“At Facet, our partnership with Zencore has been crucial to our success on Google Cloud. Zencore has helped us architect solutions that allow us to leverage best practices across the stack, from Cloud Run to BigQuery. For a startup looking to move fast, our partnership with Zencore has been of key importance.”
John Pena Head of Engineering, Facet Data
Facet Data
Project Location: New York, New York
Industry: Software & Internet
Use case: A new architecture and migration plan
Website: Facet Data

The final solution proposed for Facet was one that relied heavily on managed services. A combination of Cloud Run, Compute Engine and BigQuery were determined to be the best fit.

Google Cloud Compute
Google Cloud Analytics
Data Lake Modernization
Data Warehouse Modernization
Streaming Data Analytics
VM Migration
Enterprise BI solution

Facet Data has now launched a new version of their UI on Google Cloud Platform. They plan to migrate the back end services to GCP in the future.

About Facet Data

Facet Data will surface answers to questions immediately without a data analyst. Facet helps companies unlock insights in real-time with the first no-code platform for analytics.