Accelerate Your Data Analytics with Zencore's Data Cloud Assessment

Get a detailed analysis and migration blueprint for your data infrastructure, created by expert Google Cloud practitioners.

Zencore's Data Cloud Assessment analyzes your existing data analytics stack and provides a custom Google Cloud migration plan to optimize costs, insights and productivity.

  • BigQuery
  • Dataflow
  • Datastream
  • BigTable
  • Cloud Spanner
  • Cloud SQL
  • AlloyDB
  • Proven assessment methodology created by former Google Cloud experts
  • Analyzes 5 key data dimensions: Access, Governance, Delivery, Tooling, Operations
  • Benchmarks capabilities and identifies gaps
  • Delivers data infrastructure migration blueprint optimized for Google Cloud
  • Reduces costs, increases productivity and insights
  • 50+ years combined Google Cloud expertise from Zencore’s leadership team

“With Zencore, we found a business partner who not only builds outstanding solutions but also puts a high emphasis on smooth collaboration. This led to our project being a great success - not only in terms of quality but also in terms of transparent communication and project management. The expertise in Google Cloud is remarkable and the Engineers made sure that we also learn along the journey. Working together was a pleasure and it would be great to join forces again in the future!”

Gianni Rüegg, Product Manager | Bitcoin Suisse
Gianni Rüegg | Product Manager, Bitcoin Suisse

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Naren Lingisetty, Zencore


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