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Cloud Native

Zencore helps cutting edge Cloud Natives rapidly migrate data, transform data warehouses, automate and modernize applications.

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Zencore has former industry insiders with experience working with some of the most sophisticated financial institutions in the world helping them develop highly secured environments, data platforms, and HPC grids.

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Health Care and Life Sciences

Zencore has worked with companies leveraging Cloud resources to accelerate drug discovery or proceed to large scale genome analysis.

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Media and Gaming

We have experience with large media and gaming studios migrating complex data and infrastructure systems as well as game servers and real-time data systems.

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Zencore has worked with multinational retailers migrating critical point-of-sale and inventory management systems to the cloud using serverless architecture.

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Customer Spotlight

“They function like an extension of Google and have the experience and resources to help accelerate our timeline to complete the migration.”

John Kelly, CTO, Sauce Labs
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