Zencore and Google Cloud - February 2022 Newsletter

The February 2022 edition of the Zencore newsletter.

Zencore and Google Cloud - February 2022 Newsletter

Hello - We hope you had a safe and prosperous 2021 and we wish you an even better 2022. This is the February installment of our monthly newsletter.

To quickly recap our mission, we are X-Googlers that created Zencore specifically to address a gap in the partner ecosystem that we experienced first hand. We are an engineering driven organization with a laser focus on helping Google acquire, implement and successfully grow customers on Cloud.

We are the first Google Cloud Native Partner.

Great end of year momentum

Over the last year, we have seen significant traction in both the reseller and migration services areas of our business. The customer base expanded rapidly as we publicly announced Sauce Labs, Prosper, Gridmatic, Qumu and Gatsby among the dozens of customers that chose Zencore as their MSP or services partner in 2021.

Zencore customer base selection

Zencore customer base selection

An interesting note, more than half of our reseller customers also contracted with Zencore for hands-on services. Those engagements range from deploying a single strategic cloud engineer to help reduce the backlog of technical debt, to work done by large teams delivering on all in-migrations.

We are big believers in how the reseller and professional services offerings complement each other. In 2021 our business was almost equally split in terms of revenue and we will continue to invest heavily in both offerings in 2022.

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Zencore are hiring!

Zencore are hiring!

What’s new for 2022?

Hiring, Hiring, Hiring.

We can’t say it enough, we are aggressively hiring engineers and architects that have deep Google Cloud experience. We have set a high bar for our engineering team and will maintain that standard as we continue to scale. Please contact us with hiring referrals.

Open Positions

More services!

After successfully launching our Cloud Foundations and Cloud Migrations practices, our customers are naturally demanding more as they expand their footprint in the cloud. Modernizing applications, building secured and sophisticated software supply chains, running workloads in Kubernetes or Cloud Run, and leveraging managed services for data analytics and machine learning are huge areas of focus. You will continue to see updates from us on these topics.

You will also see our portfolio of services increase its focus on solution pillars and specific industries. In 2021 digital natives, infrastructure modernization, cloud migration, and data analytics were the focus of the business. We will continue that focus but have already expanded to application modernization, security, industry specific solutions, cloud cost optimization and machine learning. We will also double down on industries in which we already have strong experience including HCLS, M&E, FinServ, Retail and more.

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Zencore Programs




To bring peace of mind to new potential clients or existing customers, we’re offering ZenStart, an easy, simple, and free service to get started with Google Cloud.

Get your ZenStart

For new users interested in building on Google Cloud, we will help establish a client owned environment, provide a dedicated sub billing account, and review best practices.

For existing customers, we will offer a free assessment of their environment. This includes resource management and IAM, GKE or a cloud cost analysis. Please contact sales@zencore.dev for more information.

Employee Spotlight

Lesley Young - VP, Operations

Lesley Young

Lesley Young

Lesley joined Zencore from Razorfish in August to lead the build out of our operations organization. She made an immediate impact by sourcing and leading the implementation of a new CRM and Professional Services Automation package simultaneously. In her spare time Lesley is an avid snowboarder in the mountains of Washington state. She has two rescue dogs named Luna and Nora.

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