Data & Smart Analytics_

Operationalize data, self-serve BI, manage less, unlock revenue.

“Data is the new oil”. But, how do you turn data into gasoline?

You want to ensure data is always clean, fresh, and with robust governance and automation. Beyond the basics, you want to create a culture that enables every team to make data-driven decisions.

Enterprise Data Governance

Ensure that your data is not only easily accessible and usable, but credible, compliant, and secure. Model and define your data to be a single source of truth.

Self-Service BI

Enable even non-technical users to explore your data and optimize decision-making across your organization. Remove bottlenecks and allow your BI team to focus on new insights.

Automate Everything

Alert your teams when key metrics change. Integrate your data into your workflows, triggering actions across countless supported APIs.

Managed Services

Methodology Created by Former Google Cloud Data Scientists

A Smart Data & Analytics engagement with Zencore is a highly customized offering that includes automation of anything related to your data from source to consumer:
  • Current State Assessment
  • ETL Automation
  • Data Warehouse Design & Governance
  • Project Management
  • Data User Story Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Data User Story Assessment
  • Business Value Assessment
  • Data Modeling & Visualization
  • Workflow Integration

Ongoing Consultative Support For Zencore Managed Services / Reseller Customers

Zencore Smart Data & Analytics unlocks your data to transform your business.

Customer Spotlight

“They function like an extension of Google and have the experience and resources to help accelerate our timeline to complete the migration.”

John Kelly, CTO, Sauce Labs
Customer reference