Rapidly Explore and Validate Generative AI Solutions with ZenAI

ZenAI is a comprehensive offering designed to empower your organization in leveraging the transformative capabilities of Generative AI. Explore our three progressively tiered offers: ZenAI Blueprint, ZenAI Launchpad, and ZenAI Ignition. 

From enablement workshops to structured programs and guided prototype development, each tier provides a unique pathway for your journey into the world of Generative AI on Google Cloud.

  • Vertex AI
  • Gemini
  • Expert-led enablement workshops to identify high-impact use cases
  • Structured programs to define, prioritize, and validate tailored AI solutions
  • Rapid prototype development and deployment with experienced AI engineers
  • Tiered approach ensures support and resources at every stage of your AI journey
  • Leverage the transformative potential of Generative AI on Google Cloud
  • Collaborate with a team of former Google Cloud experts and AI specialists

“Zencore has successfully delivered a series of Generative AI projects, providing substantial value to our clients across various industries," said John Forstrom, Zencore's CEO. "Our increased investment in ZenAI, including expanding our team and developing repeatable AI solutions, demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of the AI space and delivering transformative outcomes for our clients.”

John Forstrom, CEO & Co-Founder | Zencore
John Forstrom | CEO & Co-Founder, Zencore

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