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Managed Services

Get the best of Zencore’s experience by engaging us as a Google Cloud Reseller.

Managing infrastructure is not an easy task but Day 2 operations should not be intimidating.

We designed a support model specifically tailored to the needs of fast growing organizations using cloud technology. We provide direct access to experienced engineers to help you make the most out of your infrastructure and relationship with Google.

Architecture Reviews

We provide in-depth architecture reviews and guidance for your engineering teams to validate designs and ideas. We dive right in, to understand your infrastructure and deliver better support.

Direct Support

We establish a direct channel of communication in order to help you when you need it the most. You have direct access to our engineers, no portal, no tickets, no hurdles.

Cost Optimization

From recommendations and rightsizing to billing data visualization, we work with you to make sure you understand your costs and help you optimize to avoid any surprises.

Context Aware Support Services provided by former Google Cloud architects.

  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • DevOps, Automation, CI/CD
  • Data & Smart Analytics
  • Trusted advisors
  • Link between you and Google
  • Application Modernization (K8S & Serverless)
  • FinOps
  • De-risk decisions
  • Simple & easy to work with
  • Access to Strategic Cloud Engineers (SCEs)
Ongoing Consultative Support For Zencore Managed Services / Reseller Customers

When it’s critical for you to have a sounding board to help you make decisions, Zencore Managed Services has you covered.

Gatsby: Running Containers at Scale with GKE

“Their partnership has been crucial to our success on the platform.”

Zack Urlocker, CEO | Gatsby
Zack Urlocker
CEO | Gatsby

Invoca: Moving Telecommunications to Google Cloud

“Fantastic experience working with Zencore to help us accelerate a migration of an acquired platform.”

James Brown Sr. Director, Invoca
James Brown
Sr. Director, Infrastructure & Security | Invoca

Pypestream: Accelerating Success with Google Cloud

“Zencore’s expertise has superpowered our team.”

Elana Feldman, Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream
Elana Feldman
Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream