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Gatsby: Running Containers at Scale with GKE

Empowering Scalability: Gatsby's Infrastructure Maintenance and Container Expansion with Zencore and GKE.


Running Containers at Scale with GKE

Project Location:
Software & Internet
Use Case:
Application Modernization, Security

Zencore helped Gatsby maintain its infrastructure while leveraging GKE in order to scale Gatsby’s usage of containers and release new product offerings and features.

Project Challenges

Gatsby has to manage multiple environments, with a mix of trusted and untrusted workloads as they offer features for customers to run their own code within Gatsby Cloud. They also have to provide build, deploy and hosting services to a variety of customers, from free to enterprise levels, while preserving speed, cost efficiency and building for scale.

“From providing architecture advice to jumping in and troubleshooting with us, the Zencore team has been here every step of the way to support us and provide high quality managed services on Google Cloud. Their partnership has been crucial to our success on the platform and I would highly recommend them to anyone operating on Google Cloud.”

Zack Urlocker, CEO | Gatsby
Zack Urlocker | CEO, Gatsby


Zencore stepped in to assess the current environment and to help with the management of a multi GKE cluster environment. Zencore architects helped create the mapping between product tiers and specific machine types and node pools. The solution included gVisor for sandboxing and security, a review of IAM permissions, as well as CUDs to optimize cost on Google Cloud. Finally Zencore helped with the Cloud Run on Anthos implementation offering the functions framework.


  • Anthos
  • Application Development
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Compute


The implemented solution increased performance for the higher tiers, decreased total cost on Google Cloud, enhanced capacity to scale and leverage features like autoscaling in GKE which ultimately helped support the launch of Gatsby 4.

About Gatsby

Gatsby enables developers to build fast, secure, and powerful websites using a React-based framework and innovative data layer that makes integrating different content, APIs, and services into one web experience incredibly simple.


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