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Membership Platform: Migrating and Re-architecting

Transforming Image Resizing Service to Cloud Native Technologies on Google Cloud.

Membership Platform CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT

Migrating and Re-architecting Online Membership Platform to Cloud Native Technologies on Google Cloud

Zencore was selected to migrate and re-architect an image resizing service from AWS to Google Cloud, leveraging a serverless approach and the Google Cloud native networking stack.

Project Challenges

The media platform’s image resizing service ran on EC2 instances in AWS, which accumulated technical debt and high costs over time. Zencore was selected to build a solution on Google Cloud, leveraging cloud native technologies to build for scale, and optimize performance, efficiency and cost.


Zencore helped re-architect the service and migrate it to Google Cloud Run, with a direct integration of Google Cloud Storage, Cloud CDN, Google Cloud global load-balancer, and Cloud Armor. Providing an elegant and well integrated solution, future proofed for the need of this service.


  • Application Development
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Native Application
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Networking
  • Storage and Delivery


Zencore embedded within the engineering teams to produce a ready to use scalable service migrated from AWS to Google Cloud, integrated in a cloud native stack, with reduced operational overhead, and offering increased software development velocity.


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