Pypestream + Zencore | Customer Story: Accelerating Success with Google Cloud

Zencore improved Customer Success analytics for Pypestream, providing their clients real-time dashboards and insights. Zencore proposed ways to automate efficient data pipelines and optimize dashboards, giving Pypestream and their clients seamless UX.

Project Challenges

Pypestream had started the implementation of their first production workload on Google Cloud and began using BigQuery for their data warehousing. Unfamiliar with Google’s more advanced toolset features and resource constrained, Pypestream was looking for guidance on how best to set up an automated data pipeline into BigQuery to power their customer-facing enterprise BI Solution for immediate use.

“We developed a great partnership with Zencore that has been vital to accelerating our success with Google Cloud. Zencore’s practitioner knowledge of building BI solutions has allowed us to leverage best practices on BigQuery. At Pypestream we operate at high velocity with a lean mentality, and Zencore’s expertise has superpowered our team behind the scenes with a best-in-class analytics workload.”
Elana Feldman Senior Director, Customer Success
Project Location: New York, New York
Industry: Software & Internet
Use case: Data Warehouse Transformation
Website: Pypestream

The solution designed for Pypestream relied on serverless architecture. Cloud Functions - to ingest and add metadata. BigQuery - as the data warehouse and source for Data Studio. To optimize Data Studio performance and BigQuery slot utilization, Pypestream used Scheduled Queries, Materialized Views, and Clustered Tables. BigQuery utilization monitoring was recommended as Pypestream scales.

Data Warehouse Modernization
Enterprise BI solution

Once fully optimized, dashboards were able to load for their customers in seconds, with Pypestream now equipped with monitoring capabilities to anticipate usage and optimize for cost, as they anticipate significant growth in the near term.

About Pypestream

Pypestream is conversational AI built for scale. Built to usher the customer-centric enterprise into the digital age with “always-on” automation. Pypestream elevates the customer experience with an all-in-one messaging platform backed by military-grade security and a patented carrier purpose-built to handle any volume.