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Application Development

Elevate your business with tailor-made applications designed for your unique needs.

Innovation, Efficiency, and Competitive Advantage

Embrace the digital landscape with the tools and expertise you need to outpace challenges and harness opportunities.

Custom Software Development

Gain a competitive edge with Zencore's tailored software solutions, crafted to drive efficiency, innovation, and seamless integration with your unique needs.

Application Modernization & Refactoring

Transform your legacy apps into agile, cloud-ready solutions with Zencore's expertise in containerization, Kubernetes, and .NET modernization.

Cloud Marketplace Onboarding Program

Expand your reach with Zencore's structured program, guiding you through publishing, integrating, and positioning your applications on Cloud Marketplaces.

Custom Software Development

Zencore crafts bespoke software solutions that perfectly fit your unique needs, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration. Our team employs the latest technologies and methodologies, to create applications that drive efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage. With Zencore, you gain the tools necessary to outpace challenges and seize opportunities in today's digital landscape.

Application Modernization & Refactoring

Dive into the future of software with Zencore's application modernization and refactoring expertise. Our team transforms your legacy systems into agile, scalable, cloud-ready solutions using cutting-edge technologies like containerization, Kubernetes, and .NET modernization.

We revitalize dated architectures, ensuring your applications remain competitive, resilient, and aligned with dynamic business needs. Experience enhanced performance, reduced costs, and flexibility to adapt to emerging tech trends.

Cloud Marketplace Onboarding Program

We provide a structured program to help ISVs get their applications published to Cloud Marketplaces. We assist with packaging and deployment of your services to the provider’s platform, integrate with their Marketplace, and provide you guidance on how to navigate and position your offering within their ecosystem. 

Methodology Created by Former Google Cloud Architects

We will work with you to determine the right migration strategy, roadmap and cloud -native operating model. Leveraging our years of experience working with teams as they adopt cloud native technology and tooling, we will ensure the successful evolution of your technology infrastructure.

Our proven cloud migration framework has been developed by seasoned technologists based on their real world experience executing successful cloud migrations.

We have the experience that leads both large and small organizations to view us as trusted advisors.

Gatsby: Running Containers at Scale with GKE

“Their partnership has been crucial to our success on the platform.”

Zack Urlocker, CEO | Gatsby
Zack Urlocker
CEO | Gatsby

Invoca: Moving Telecommunications to Google Cloud

“Fantastic experience working with Zencore to help us accelerate a migration of an acquired platform.”

James Brown Sr. Director, Invoca
James Brown
Sr. Director, Infrastructure & Security | Invoca

Pypestream: Accelerating Success with Google Cloud

“Zencore’s expertise has superpowered our team.”

Elana Feldman, Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream
Elana Feldman
Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream

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