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Cloud Migration

The full range of Migration Services to help accelerate your timeline and reduce risk.

Trusted advisors embed with your team to enable a “build with” model

Adopting a new cloud platform can help accelerate your organization’s technical capabilities, but it requires a new way of thinking about your software, infrastructure, and teams.

Strategy and Planning

We have a proven methodology to successfully migrate to the Cloud. Engage with us at the start of your project to help you assess your existing environment and apply our framework to develop a comprehensive migration plan.

Data Migration

Whether it’s gigabytes or petabytes we can help you get your data into your cloud. We work with a broad range of platform native, 3rd party, and self developed tooling to support almost any combination of source and destination technology.

Application Migration Factory

We are experts at migrating applications and services to cloud platforms. We can help get your application running better than ever in the cloud, whether that is a simple or a full modernization effort. We specialize in working with complex software systems, but we are also well versed with enterprise application migration.

  • Data Center to Google Cloud
  • AWS to Google Cloud
  • Azure to Google Cloud
  • Heroku to Google Cloud

Zero-Impact Cutover

The most critical part of a migration project is the moment your cutover to the new environment. We apply our expertise to execute this phase of the project in a way that ensures your end users don’t even notice the change. 

Data Center Exits

We have a comprehensive program to help you vacate your data center and move to a modernized cloud operations model. We can help you at every step of your journey - all the way from initial assessments and planning to hands-on execution. 

Capacity Management and Cost Forecasting

Understanding how to forecast and manage your cloud capacity needs is critical to success in the cloud. We can provide an assessment to quickly estimate your requirements, help you develop a methodology to manage capacity effectively, and assist with implementing effective monitoring. 

Methodology Created by Former Google Cloud Architects

We will work with you to determine the right migration strategy, roadmap and cloud -native operating model. Leveraging our years of experience working with teams as they adopt cloud native technology and tooling, we will ensure the successful evolution of your technology infrastructure.

Our proven cloud migration framework has been developed by seasoned technologists based on their real world experience executing successful cloud migrations.

We have the experience that leads both large and small organizations to view us as trusted advisors.

Zencore x Invoca - Data Center to Cloud Modernization

Transforming Telecommunications


Explore how Invoca merged human-AI interaction, migrating from physical to Google Cloud with Zencore's aid. Overcoming tech debt, enhancing data center efficiency, and ensuring seamless customer calls.

Fantastic experience working with Zencore to help us accelerate a migration of an acquired platform...

James Brown, Sr. Director Infrastructure & Security | Invoca


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Gatsby: Running Containers at Scale with GKE

“Their partnership has been crucial to our success on the platform.”

Zack Urlocker, CEO | Gatsby
Zack Urlocker
CEO | Gatsby

Invoca: Moving Telecommunications to Google Cloud

“Fantastic experience working with Zencore to help us accelerate a migration of an acquired platform.”

James Brown Sr. Director, Invoca
James Brown
Sr. Director, Infrastructure & Security | Invoca

Pypestream: Accelerating Success with Google Cloud

“Zencore’s expertise has superpowered our team.”

Elana Feldman, Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream
Elana Feldman
Senior Vice President of Customers | Pypestream