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Data Cloud

Operationalize data, self-serve BI,
manage less, unlock revenue.

Maximize the Value of Your Data

To maximize the value of your data, you need to ensure it's always clean, fresh, and governed by robust automation. Beyond the basics, fostering a data-driven culture empowers every team to make informed decisions that drive business success.


Simplify operations, scale seamlessly with cloud-native databases, and expert assistance.

Data Mesh Design & Implementation

Decentralized, efficient, and scalable data infrastructure — expertly crafted.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Seamless migration, optimization, and integration with Cloud-Native Data Warehousing.

ELT / ETL Modernization

Modernize your data integration for speed, reliability, and improved insights.

Self-Service & Embedded Analytics

Self-service analytics with Looker for data-driven decision-making.

Cloud Databases

Adopting a modern, cloud-native database technology can be one of the most impactful ways to simplify your operations and unlock an ability to seamlessly scale capacity. We can help you evaluate, select, run a successful POC, and migrate to a modern, cloud-native database to streamline.

  • Migrating from a traditional RDBMS to Cloud Spanner, AlloyDB, or Cloud SQL
  •  Selecting and implementing an optimal NoSQL, time series, or graph database technology
  • Integrating 3rd party ISV database technology with your cloud deployment

Data Mesh Design and Implementation

We excel in designing and implementing Data Mesh architectures. Our approach decentralizes data ownership, promoting domain-oriented data as a product thinking, which in turn ensures faster, more efficient data access and collaboration across your organization.

By entrusting us with your data needs, you'll be leveraging a self-serve data infrastructure that's not only optimized for scalability and agility but also tailored to harness the full potential of your organizations data.

Cloud Data Warehouse

We specialize in establishing robust Cloud Data Warehouse solutions, centralizing vast amounts of data in a scalable and secure cloud environment.

This approach facilitates rapid data retrieval and analysis, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions efficiently. By leveraging our expertise, teams are equipped with a streamlined, high-performance data infrastructure, setting the gold standard for modern data management and analytics.

ELT / ETL Modernization

Revitalize your ELT/ETL (extract-load-transform / extract-transform-load) processes with us, transitioning from traditional data integration methods to cutting-edge, efficient pipelines.

Our advanced techniques and best practices ensure that data integration not only becomes swifter and more streamlined but also more reliable and robust. By embracing modernization, organizations can unlock greater agility, reduce data latency, and enhance the overall quality of insights, positioning themselves at the forefront of data-driven innovation.

  • Adoption and implementation of dbt (data build tool)

Self-service & Embedded Analytics

Implement Self-service & Embedded Analytics solutions using Looker, empowering users to delve into data exploration without the constant need for IT intervention.

Our approach with Looker democratizes data access, embedding insightful analytics directly within user workflows. By tapping into our expertise and harnessing the power of Looker, organizations can unlock a culture of data-driven decision-making, where insights are seamlessly integrated into daily operations, fostering agility and continuous innovation.


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