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Innovative Approach to Support

Zencore's Innovative Approach to Support

Innovative Approach to Support

It’s not often that you hear technical executives rave about support.

“Whatever you do, please do not change your support model. Direct Slack access to Zencore engineers is like gold to our engineering team.”

Airspace Intelligence- Phillip Buckendorf, CEO, Airspace Intelligence


“We often tell ourselves, it would be so great to be able to Slack Google directly every time we have a question. This is the next best thing!"

Ava Finance– Abed Lawand, CTO, Ava Finance


After two years of delivering an innovative approach to customer support, we’d like to share more details about our model.

Our customers work in a fast paced environment and primarily use Slack. What they need is direct access to experienced Google Cloud engineers that are capable of quickly unblocking them. Imagine that you had to open a ticket every time you had an internal question about your tech stack or architecture. You would never do it.

When we designed the Zencore reseller support model, we took a customer centric AND engineer oriented approach.

Our solution; every customer gets a dedicated Slack channel for immediate live interaction with our deep bench of experienced Google Cloud engineers. These are not typical support engineers, this is the same team that does hands-on engineering work for some of the largest most complex GCP customers.

We remove triaging, tiering and front line agents from the support equation and give customers direct access to our senior engineers.

And it gets better. We support more than just Google Cloud, our team has experience with Kubernetes, Terraform and most of the common ecosystem tools used with Google Cloud. The end result is a very rich support experience for our customer’s engineering teams that live day to day with the many technical questions associated with Google.

For more details about our support model or to inquire about additional Zencore services, please contact