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Zencore Unveils ZenGuide, a First of Its Kind Cloud Assessment Program


Zencore, a leading Google Cloud Data and AI consulting firm, today announced the launch of its cloud assessment program called ZenGuide. Designed to create a clear strategy and roadmap to enable a business to effectively leverage infrastructure, databases, data analytics and AI on Google Cloud, the ZenGuide program offers a tailored framework built on Zencore’s extensive experience with Google Cloud. The program is closely aligned with Google Cloud's Rapid Migration Program (RaMP) to address the needs of modern enterprises and digital natives.

Sean Earley, VP, Cloud Migration Practice | ZencoreSean Earley, VP, Cloud Migration Practice | Zencore

“Zencore has a strong track record helping clients successfully navigate large complex infrastructure and data migrations targeting Google Cloud,” said Sean Earley, who leads the migration practice at Zencore.

“That experience naturally led to our ability to launch comprehensive and stand alone assessments in a number of areas. Transactional databases, for example, are critically important in large infrastructure migrations. But many times an organization simply wants to migrate from a self-managed database to one of Google Cloud's managed offerings like AlloyDB. Our assessment program provides them a roadmap to reinforce that the project can be a success.”

Zencore's Five-Dimensional Approach

The Zencore cloud assessment program is generally paired with Zencore’s hands-on engineering capabilities, providing leverage to organizations that wish to move fast and require dedicated engineering resources. ZenGuide includes a standardized set of offerings aligned to common Google Cloud use patterns and focuses on governance, tooling and operations. The following assessments are available today, with additional programs planned for Q2, 2024.

  1. Generative AI
  2. Database Modernization
  3. Smart Analytics
  4. Cloud Migration: AWS, Azure, VMware, and Datacenter
  5. Cloud Security Foundations

Tunde Ogunniyi, VP Revenue Operations | BehavoxTunde Ogunniyi, VP of Revenue Operations at Behavox

“We had planned a project to move our ML platform and data to Google Cloud, but had concerns about how long the project would take, how much time we would have to allocate from our internal engineering team among other issues,” said Tunde Ogunniyi, VP of Revenue Operations at Behavox, a provider of AI driven compliance solutions.
“The ZenGuide assessment was a critical part of the project's success. It provided a roadmap that exposed unforeseen risks and gave us confidence that the project would be completed on time and within budget. The Zencore team relied on their experience with similar projects to help guide our most critical decisions.”

Tailored Roadmaps for Success

For more information about Zencore's cloud assessment program and to schedule a consultation, get in touch.

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