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Zencore Doubles Down on Generative AI with Increased ZenAI Investment

Zencore doubles down on Genertive AI with increased ZenAI investment

Zencore, a leading Google Cloud solutions provider, proudly announces a significant increase in investment towards its Generative AI practice known as ZenAI. This strategic move comes in response to the burgeoning demand for innovative Google Cloud AI solutions and reflects Zencore's commitment to staying at the forefront of the AI space.

Zencore's Commitment to Innovation

John Forstrom, CEO & Co-Founder | ZencoreJohn Forstrom, CEO & Co-Founder | Zencore

“Zencore has completed a series of Generative AI projects, delivering substantial value to our clients across various industries,” said John Forstrom, Zencore's CEO.

“We are increasing headcount across several roles, beyond what we had already approved at the beginning of this year, and making additional investment in repeatable AI solutions.”

Expanded Generative AI Offerings

Zencore has delivered more than 25 AI/ML projects in the last two quarters, and 14 have been deployed to production. Notable projects include:

  • Building RAG-based Knowledge Systems: for customers across various industries, including industries with high precision requirements such as Legal and Healthcare. Leveraging Generative AI, Zencore developed cutting-edge access to knowledge to empower professionals with efficient access to critical information. This streamlined their workflow and enhanced productivity.
  • Optimizing Advertising Placement and Dynamic Creatives: Zencore developed workflows to optimize advertising placement strategies and generate dynamic creatives using Generative and Predictive AI. This enhanced client brand visibility and maximized ROAS. The outcome was a significant improvement in the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Training and Deploying Open Source Models to GPUs and TPUs: Drawing from its deep experience working with open source LLMs, Zencore has trained and fine-tuned open source models such as Llama 2 and Mixtral-8x7B to create extremely competitive cost points. Zencore has deployed these models with both GPU and Google TPU technology, allowing for significant flexibility in accessing highly limited resources.
  • Building Automated Document Workflow Pipelines: Zencore helped many customers leverage  AI to automate document management tasks that were historically manual and error-prone. This process dramatically reduced cost, improved accuracy, and decreased processing time of the in-place legacy solutions.
  • Automated Image Generation for Retail Customers: Zencore has worked with several retail-tech firms to offer high-quality image generation workflows allowing their customers to eliminate this step in many situations. Historically, creating high-quality images to use for retail customers has been an expensive and time-consuming process.
  • Audio Extraction, Subtitle Generation and Translation: Zencore automated AI pipelines to extract audio content from video files, then converted audio into text and translated it into multiple languages. This use case addresses a significant opportunity in the media space.

ZenAI - Audio Extraction, Subtitle Generation and Translation.
Audio Extraction, Subtitle Generation and Translation, with ZenAI

Benefits for Customers

As Zencore expands their investment in Generative AI, they remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering value to our clients. Through continued research, development, and collaboration, we aim to drive transformative outcomes and empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Getting Started

To learn more about Zencore's Generative AI offerings and how they can benefit your organization, visit ZenAI or contact

About Zencore

Zencore is a leading technology solutions provider, specializing in AI, machine learning, software development, and data analytics. With a team of seasoned professionals and a passion for innovation, we empower businesses to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth in today's digital age.